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(Bunny with a Toolbelt’s Window of Wonders’ Frequently Asked Questions!)

Q: When can I see BWATWOW?
A: Most any time—the gallery is viewed from the sidewalk and is illuminated from dawn to midnight.

Q: Are the things inside for sale?
A: Yes, most everything is available online at

Q: I live in Portland and want to save on shipping. Can I pick up my item from you?
A: It depends on how busy I am, but if you visit the window in person, you can see the free shipping code and use it on your order! 

Q: I want to come in and shop! Can I do this pretty please?
A: I am happy to receive customers in the gallery space itself if they intend to purchase more than $100 of artwork.

Q: Do you ever give discounts?
A: On the 16th of the month, I put 16 pieces in the SWEET 16 section of my Etsy shop that retail for only $25. (Details are on my website.)

Q: How long did it take you to make all this stuff?
A: Years. The book and playing card characters each represent months of research and creation that go into each project. The rest of the characters were made over the past few years in between my other projects.

Q: Where do you make this work? Can I see your studio?
A: I open my studio to the public during the second and third weekends of October as part of the citywide event Portland Open Studios. Check my website’s “shop” section for details!

Q: You should make animations of your work!
A: I have done this and they are all available for free on the website!

Q: What kind of wood do you use?
A: I collect scrap wood from a variety of sources and almost never use wood without a past life.

Q: Do you ever teach workshops?
A: No. 

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