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Hello beautiful person! I am a busy bunny! Please read the info below to figure out how best to contact me!

contact me

about a past or future order!

I'm a one-woman operation, so if you would like to ask me about making a custom figure or inquire about an order, I emphatically request that all communication is done via Etsy. Keeping these conversations on there helps me keep track of all your details and/or connect your questions to your purchase. 
Click here to message me on my Etsy page

email me!


Want to send me a photograph of your wedding cake toppers or other Bunny with a Toolbelt figures in action?


 It means so much to me to have these and I love to share them on my social media feeds too.

(with permission!)  


Click here for email!

join my

email list!

If you just want to hear from me every now and then, I maintain one mailing list for all my art endeavors. I send my missives about four times annually. Sometimes one or two more or less, depending on how excited I am about what I've been making. The mailing list service I use allows you to easily remove your name whenever you want.

Click here to sign up!

follow me!


If you want to watch projects as they come alive and be absolutely up to date, follow me on Facebook,




Get a taste of my IG feed just below my handy dandy  social media links!

Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much!!!

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