Pair an original piece of art with one of these printed items!

  • BWATcards.JPG

    Playing Cards!

    A high-quality deck featuring 54 handmade animals made by Bunny with a Toolbelt!

  • COVER8.5.jpg


    An alphabet book featuring 26 elephant portmanteaus!

  • arfabet_cover.jpg


    Pairs a dog breed and a food for every letter of the alphabet!

  • alphabird_cover_72.jpg


    Pairs a bird species and a musical instrument for every letter of the alphabet!

  • Catabet_Cover_72.jpg


    Pairs a cat named for a designer or fashionista with a piece of clothing for all 26 letters!

  • LittleFoxes_cover_72.jpg

    Little Foxes!

    A book about recycling that features over 100 handmade foxes doing their parts to keep the earth green!

  • eleph_poster.jpg


    I created a poster of my first book Elephabet!

  • cardfronts_final.jpg

    Uncut Card Sheets!

    The entire playing card deck that's suitable for framing!

  • littlefoxesfabric.jpg


    A fabric design for each book title so you can make your own companion gifts!

  • IMG_5392.jpg


    Buy it by the yard and sew your own 100% cotton bandannas!

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