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I've created a high quality, limited edition deck of playing cards starring my wood sculptures that you can use three different ways to provide hours of imaginative entertainment. This deck was printed by the United States Playing Card Company, makers of Bicycle Brand decks. 

The deck can be used to play any game you would with a traditional deck. The heart cards are all feature water animals, the spades are all birds, the diamonds are ground critters and the clubs are all fantasy or imaginary animals. Most of the animals are holding an object so the poster can be used to make up your own crazy stories letting your imagination fly. The jokers are bunnies, and a special two-sided card has a butterfly. A supplemental card sent with each order has instructions on how to use the deck to tell someone's future! Grab a deck for your own in my online store!


In addition to decks, I have a limited number of uncut card sheets. A few of the original sculptures made for this deck are still available in my online store.

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